Alabama vs EVERYBODY ( ALABAMA wins it’s 17th national championship) #RollTide

The 2017 Collegiate Division 1 National Champions have been crowned and that title goes to The Alabama Crimson Tide also known as the Dynasty. Now I know it is rare to see me write about Sports but I am a born and raised Bama Girl so I have to support my favorite team. The team that pumps me up and sends me on an emotional roller coaster every year. The team that I literally rep everyday. The team that got me through my first deployment. The team that motivates me daily. It is great to be an Alabama Fan.

This win gives Alabama its 17th National Championship and brings Nicholas Saban’s National Title total to 6. He won a BCS title with LSU in 2003. Nick Saban is now tied with Alabama’s legendary coach Bear Bryant for most National Titles in the poll era. He truly is a class act and really cares about the players and not just the National Titles. Nick Saban is literally the greatest coach that College Football has ever seen.

Okay so lets recap how the game went down.

The first quarter was really slow which was expected being that both teams were really stacked on both sides. Alabama struggled and especially had trouble converting on the third down and fails to get any points on the board in the First half.

So it was 0-13 at Halftime and all of the Alabama haters were in my inbox, text messages, and mentions coming with the jokes and talking smack. Meanwhile I was only responding with #ROLLTIDE because when you’re an Alabama fan you have to be PATIENT. But of course those who do not support team don’t know about that. They just know that Alabama wins a lot of games and do not understand the fundamentals of the game or the fact that Alabama does work in the 4th Quarter.

The Second half of the game begins and Coach Saban pulls the quarterback “Jalen Hurts” and puts in the Hawaii native Tua Tagovailoa.  Now this move may have caught many people off guard but I saw this coming and had been following Tagovailoa’s story all season. What is so interesting about his commitment to Alabama is that his family left Hawaii and moved to “Title Town” Tuscaloosa when he decided that Alabama was going to be the college team that he played for over the next few years. It really was kind of painful to see Hurts taken out the game, but given the fact Alabama had 0 points on the board it was best to turn to the Quarterback who was rested with something to prove. One of the greatest things about this switch out was that Tua rocked it and Jalen was there to support him throughout that entire half.

The score at the start of the 4th quarter was 10-20 ( In Georgia’s favor) and Alabama played one hell of a 4th quarter. Games are won in the 4th. We all know it is not over until the clock says it is over. That quarter fun to watch and nerve wrecking all at the same time. The game ended with the score being tied 20-20 and going into overtime due to Alabama missing a field goal with 3 seconds left on the clock. That really shook the team and fan base but we already know our kicker is a little shaky. 

Overtime begins and Georgia is unable to score a touchdown and ends with a field goal. Meanwhile Alabama responds with a winning Touchdown to D. Smith to clinch the championship game. The sweetest words I have heard so far in 2018 have been “TouchDown, Alabama wins” Overall it was a great game and it was excited to see Alabama start and end the season in Atlanta at the Mercedes Benz Dome. And I think it is safe to say the Dawgs are not barking, because Alabama has shut them up

Additionally Alabama’s Offensive lineman Bradley Bozeman proposed to his girlfriend after winning the National Championship and she said yes

Now as much as the rest of the country likes to hate on Alabama let discuss the amazing past 10 years that the program has had.

In 9 of the last 10 season Alabama entered January with 1 loss

Alabama has had 0 losses to teams ranked outside of the top 10 in the past 10 years

Alabama has won 5 championships in the past 9 years

Alabama has played for the National Championship the past 3 years and have made it to the playoffs all 4 years

Always remember the Crimson Tide will not be denied, never count them out #RollTide

Remember To Always Be

Fierce and Fabulous

xoxo Lela Victoria

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