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As a young black girl in America, I enjoyed all things that fell into the beauty realm, to include BEAUTY PAGEANT. Every year I would watch our gorgeous state delegates in the Miss USA and Miss America pageant on national tv and someday dreamed that I could be one of those fabulous women on stage representing my state and competing for the national title. I went through a phase in my life where I necessarily did not think that I was beautiful, of course I grew out of it and eventually learned to love myself. After college I gave some thought about in a Beauty Pageant. I am the type of personal who loves a challenge and decide to enter my first Pageant at the age of 25 which is someone old in the pageant world. From pageantry I have learned so much about life, myself, and the industry itself. I also started competing because I want to play a role in breaking down the negative stereotypes that surround pageant girls/women. They are not true at all I have met some amazing women, from medical school students, law school students, and successful entrepreneurs. Pageant women are truly go getters.