Beyonce is set to star as NALA in The Lion King

It has been announced and published by Queen Bey herself, that she will play the role of NALA in the remake of The Lion King. The remake will hit theaters Summer 2019 therefore we have a good 20-22 months until we get to experience this amazing movie.

During the early stages of Simba’s life Nala is his best friend and eventually becomes his wife. Her role is the most important female role within the The Lion King Story.

Additionally Mufasa’s voice will not change, we will once again get to experience the amazingness of James Earl Jones.

Other cast members are

SIMBA-Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino

SCAR- Chiwetel Ejiofor

SARABI- Andre Woodard

ZAZU- John Oliver

RAFIKI- John Kani

PUMBAA- Seth Rogen

TIMON- Billy Eichner

AZIZI- Eric Andre

SHENZI- Florence Kasumba

KAMARI- Keegan-Michael Key ( aka KEY from Key and Peele)


YOUNG NALA- Shahadi Wright Joseph

Congratulations on the role Beyonce you know the Beyhive will be showing up and showing out to support your role in this movie.

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Fierce and Fabulous

xoxo Lela Victoria

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