California Dreaming and letting my #BlackGirlMagic shine all over SoCal

Y’all know I like to travel simply because I have things to do and people to see. But yearly I have a goal to visit LA and NYC at least once a year. Easter 2017 I took my annual trip to LA ( 5th visit) and decided to do the whole tourist thing being that I was with a my girl Leslie who was there for the first time.

We visited Roscoe’s Chicken And Waffles and it was ( alright ) —translation— it seems as if the black culture has hyped that place up to be more than what it really is, but the food was good.

In hopes of getting in some of the Black Culture while in LA we attended an Afropolitan event and that turned out to be awesome. Lots of dancing and mingling with great people occurred and this was definitely one of the highlights of the weekend.

Continuing on with indulging in our blackness we decided to check out the California African American Museum which is located near the USC campus. This museum highlighted the African American experience in California throughout the years. I unfortunately was not happy with the museum because I felt like it focused a lot on negativity ( riots and the struggle with the LAPD and the black community ) there was no section in the museum that truly celebrated the accomplishments of Blacks in California and what they contributed to society. The museum touched on it slightly but that was a mark that was definitely missed. Regardless it was still a good time and I loved being able to learn about what it meant and what it was like being an African American in California.

So if you didn’t know the strip club is the new regular club. I prefer it because less men are hitting on me and the music is always banging because the dancers need dope music to dance to ??‍♀️.

But y’all the strip club ended up being an epic failure being that the one in LA closed at 1 or 2 ? it really killed the vibe. Meanwhile since the night ended early I took time to practice my runway/sexy walk in the hotel hallways ?

Next we decided to do the California thing and hit the beach while also adding a photoshoot into the mix.

The pictures turned out great. We were serving you Melanated Realness Swimsuit Contour. I was content with them because I’m not happy with my weight. This is the biggest I have ever been in my entire life and I’m not happy with being this size. Im 5’8 and 155lbs for those who are wondering.

Next up was being the ultimate tourist and taking a Hollywood tour and visiting the walk of fame and finding some iconic stars. Being that I love Black Women and how awesome we are I made it my duty to find the stars of prominent Black Women. So y’all know the first person I started to look for was Beyonce. Bey doesn’t have a star so I settled with finding the Destinys Child Star. I also found Whoopi Goldberg ( The Color Purple) is my favorite movie and I found the star of Hattie McDaniels the first Black woman to receive an Oscar. We also found Michael Jackson’s star and his star was very popular star being that it’s MJ and it’s located in a heavily visited area of the walk of fame.

Additionally I had to see all my wonderful sistahs that I had in the area. Overall like always I had a great time in California and I can’t wait to go back April 2018 to see my sis Beyonce at the Coachella Music Festival.

Remember To Always Be

Fierce and Fabulous

xoxo Lela Victoria

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