Beyonce cancels her 2017 Coahella performance due to doctors orders but will headline the 2018 festival 

I have been waiting on this news to come since the start of black history month and Beyonce blessed the world with her twins announcement.  Yes I said blessed the world because any news of LIFE is a blessing but you can not deny it is extra special coming from  Beyonce herself.  Coachella has officially […]

New Music from Beyonce and JayZ when we need it the most “SHINING” MUSIC REVIEW

On February 12, 2017 the Beyhive and Beyonce were all shook when once again for the third time she was snubbed for Album of the year at the Grammy’s. ( THAT’S ANOTHER BLOG) but after the Grammys once again told Beyonce she was not good enough a new song entitled “SHINING” was released which features […]