*NEW SONG* Nicki Minaj feat Beyonce (FEELING MYSELF)

Nicki is back on the scene and is set to release her new album THE PINK PRINT on December 15, 2014. I checked out the songs on the album and saw that she had a song featuring Queen Bey and I instantly got excited. But what else is new since I always get excited when […]

We Gotta Pray

WE GOTTA PRAY Pregnancy is not keeping Alicia Keys from using her sultry voice to get her message across during a time of duress in our country. She has been very vocal online throughout the past days expressing her opinions on the injustice that occurred in Mike Brown’s case. On 3 Dec 2014 Alicia Keys released a new song entitled […]


I’m filled with excitement as I type this blog. Currently I am deployed to the middle east specifically to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Everyday I wake up at 4am in order to get ready for the day and head to Physical Training formation which is held every weekday at 5am. Well this morning on Saturday […]

New BEYONCE music leaked RING OFF and 7/11

Beyonce is set to released the Platinum edition of her Fifth Album BEYONCE on November 24. The album contains two new tracks and those 2 tracks have been leaked to the public. Beyonce usually likes to keep her music private until she wants to release them so I know she’s not to happy about the […]

Introducing Q LaSha

     I personally love highlighting events, business, and amazing people from my hometown. Today from the great MOBILE ALABAMA I give you the Fierce and Fabulous Q LaSha. Q LaSha is a local singer who recently released her debut EP album entitled THE GOOD THE BAD and THE UGLY.  For those of you who have no […]

The Gospel Challenge

Throughout my time on social media I have seen challenges come and go. Some of the challenges I have participated in and some I have chosen not to. One of the few I have participated in was the Cinnamon challenge during my collegiate days while at West Point, see the video below at the bottom […]

New Michael Jackson album entitled XSCAPE

The gift of music is a very beautiful thing. It is a substance that keeps on giving. One thing I always noticed is that when entertainers die specifically musicians, they never really completely die simply because we will always have their music. This up coming June 25 will mark 5 years since the passing of […]

Beyonce cries and thanks her fans *Last show* of the MCSWT* or is it

Beyonce to me is the ultimate performer. She fulfills all your needs whenever you attend one of her shows. First off you get to enjoy her beautiful voice along with the vocals of her background singers ” The Mama” then there’s her entourage of the #MrsCarterDancers, and lastly you have her intimacy that she displays […]