New African Wax Clothing Line *Saari*

When it comes to African Fashion the one thing that stands out the most to me are the bold colors and the unique designs. Like majority of African Americans in the United States I am a descendant of those from West Africa. African wax is popular in this particular region of the world.

Being that my roots are from that region I like to find many ways to connect to the people and culture of that particular area of the world. I have found that I am able to do that through the world of Fashion. One of my favorite west African based clothing lines is SAARI.

This particular clothing line carries the African Wax Design while also being an organization that gives back to the West African Community.

“Saari is our African Wax Clothing brand inspired by modern, chic designs and centered on comfort. A percentage of each sale goes directly towards rescuing orphan children living on the streets of Dakar/Senegal from human trafficking and abuse”

I love the fact that through purchasing beautiful fashion the buyer is also able to contribute to giving back and helping those who are suffering in Dakar/Senegal.

Additionally this is a black owned business and like many black owned businesses we need to support it and share with everyone we know. Let’s keep the money within our own Community and contribute to helping our own.

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