NEW Year, NEW Love, NEW Goals (Welcome to 2018)



The New Year has begun and 2018 is officially here to stay. With the New Year comes new goals, new aspirations, and new determination. Along with the new year comes the old and some of the major old things that we bring with us into the year are old regrets, desires, and failures. A lot of these old things can be put into the love/relationship categories. One of the things that I want to focus on in this New Year along with many women I know is “FINDING LOVE IN THE NEW YEAR.” As a woman we desire to be loved and cared for, it is simply a natural thing that we yearn for consistently. I am all here for finding this love that we want in our life but before we seek out love in the New Year there are a few things that must be done.  

First as women we first need to focus on loving ourselves. There is no possible way that you can adequately love someone else if you do not first know how to love yourself. Many women struggle with self-love which can be seen through having low self-esteem and body shaming themselves. When you learn how to love yourself you physically learn how to accept your flaws and the flaws in your potential and future lover. Loving yourself includes getting to know yourself and understanding where your happiness lies. It means breaking down your barriers and building yourself back up again. Additionally, when I speak of self-love I also mean the actual act of loving yourself sexually. If you learn how to love and please yourself you will have no problem explaining to your future lover on how to go about doing that as well. This can be done by exploring your body, learning about what turns you on, and what needs to be done to achieve that ultimate happy ending. We will discuss this particular topic in depth later on in this year.  

This month I want you to create a vision board where you depict all of the things that you want to accomplish this year. You will do this by using magazines, books, and newspaper to cut out pictures and motivating words that can be arrange onto a poster board in a creative manner. Afterwards put the Vision Board in a location that you will frequent often so that you can remind yourself throughout the year of your goals and aspirations. This is also something you should do yearly due to the fact that things change year to year. The new year always means new beginnings so embrace the opportunity that we have been giving and go out there and accomplish great things.  


Remember To Always Be

Fierce and Fabulos

xoxo Lela Victoria

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